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May 22, 2002
8th Grade Language Arts (Mr. Martin)

Where do I go when I am sad, mad, bored, or I just want to be alone in a quiet place? I go to my special place. My special place is my room. I quickly walk up twelve creaking, tan, wooden stairs. Then across my 125 inch hallway with five tiles and parts of other ones missing. My brother’s messy room with a green carpeted floor and a light teal painted ceiling and walls is to the left. To the right is my messy room with a blue and white carpeted floor and lavender painted ceiling and walls. When I walk into my room with a scent of burning wood and different scented candles I feel safe and secure.
I see my medium-sized bright orange Tigger wit ha long curly tail and light black stripes. I see my small stuffed animal bear named P.J. It is wearing turquoise pajamas with little race cars and flags on them. I look to my right and I see my twin-sized bed with baby blue, light pink and light lavender colored sheets on it. I also see my two soft and cuddly quilts. One has a bunch of different colored flowers on it. My favorite one is light blue and has Disney characters on it. I see my three pillows too. Once camper-sized pillow with a sky blue pillowcase with white clouds on it that my grandma made for me for my birthday. Another pillow, white and has a light blue pillowcase with flowers on it. Lastly there is my favorite pillow. It is white and fluffy and has a soft pillowcase on it. One side of it has a blue, green, and purple border, a blue background and Tigger with a ladybug in his paw in the middle. On the other side it has a purple and orange border, a purple background, and Pooh looking at a ladybug facing him in front of his nose. I lay down on my soft, noisy, comfortable bed and I instantly feel my soft sheets and quilt. With my lamp with a white, forty watt, type A light bulb, a rough, light brown lamp shade on it, I can read one of my favorite Lurlene McDaniel books slowly and quietly under the bright yellowish-colored light. I hop off of my bed and land on my soft, purple rug in front of my doorway and I see my pair of black, Nike, Dri-Fit, volleyball knee pads and my white competitive class, all court, Mikasa volleyball that smells like leather. I turn to the right and I see my black and sliver, Aiwa radio with a CD player and tape player on it. I also see my Ginny Owens CD right next to that. To the left are my candles. I made some and some are bought. I have five homemade ones that smell like crayons. My favorite one is the one that is shaped like a swan. I have five small store-bought ones and one big one. One of them is purple and it smells like lilac. A second one is white and smells like sugar plum. Another one is red and smells like peppermint. Another one is a light yellowish-tan color and smells like French vanilla. The last small one is white and smells like some sort of flower. The last one is apple-colored and smells like cinnamon.