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Essays by KT

Book Intro

Affirming Diversity
Which Way Home
Mis experiencias con español
La figura de la madre
La redención
Manifestations of the Divine Brahma
The Six Models of the Church
Affirmative Action
A Friend Is
A persuadir
Aprovecha el día
Armas de fuego
Asperger's Disorder
ASDs: Autism
Black Friday
Book Intro
Big Boys Dont Cry?
Cancion del pirata
Cell Phones
Cathedral Within
Change the World
Child Care
Civil Society
Christian Family
Organ Donation
Deanne Bray
Drug Testing
Faith in Narnia
Fast Food?
Guns and Games
Grenz Review
The Odyssey
I Am
Jesus the Christ
Keep the Laws!
La ciencia
La inmigración
Louis Braille
Marriage Reflection
Mi lugar de refugio
My Life (Erikson)
My Special Place
Reflection -Marriage
Romance sonámbulo
Public-service values
Semana Santa
Spe Salvi
Teen Suicide
Un Santo legendario
Better World
The Four Loves
"Jesus Freak" Picture
Mona Lupe
Mother of Jesus
Holy Eucharist
Religión en Niebla
The U.S. Economy
Todo es regalo
Trip to NY ...
True Friends
Una lección
Unlikeliest Friends
Santo legendario
Vs. and Verses
What's the Diff?
Walsh Review
Means to be Human
Million dollars

Life Lessons & Thanksgivings:
Fore this be my Testimony

Okay, so I'm not a speaker, in fact it's difficult for me to speak to even one person, but I enjoy sharing stories. Now, it would be completely awesome if some day I could share these stories in front of a big group of teens at Steubie and inspire everyone but for now it'll have to be this book and maybe no one will be inspired by it because no one will be able to follow it due to my constant bunny trails. But if it inspires just one person it will have been worth it. For if I was the only one on earth, God would've still sent his only son to die a torturous death to free me from sin so that I may live forever. Should I not show the same attitude.

What Was I Thinking?!?!
Me writing a book is crazy! And I'm not sure I'll finish it but I hope I do. It being published is a-whole-nother story but if people are meant to read it, God will find a way. And I guess if someone's reading this now, it's probably because it's published. But I must give credit where credit is due. Although I enjoy writing, me being a writer is not an idea I'll soon get used to. This is a God thing: without Him, I wouldn't have the courage, the patience, and a lot of other things to write this book.
I would also like to thank Chris Padgett because the idea of this book actually came a lot from him. He says in his book Letters from Oz, "You have endured enough of my writing for now. Maybe this scattered note will encourage the next C.S. Lewis, or future Augustine to venture off in an area they never thought of trying." Now I'm not sure about me being the next C.S. Lewis but his book did inspire me to "venture off in an area [I] never though of trying." Me, a writer? HA! But like I said before, I enjoy sharing stories. And since speaking doesn't seem to be my thing at this point in my life, I'll write. If Chris Padgett's scattered thoughts can be published, why can't mine. Thanks Chris and keep up the great work. I love reading your "scattered notes"... probably because that's so much the way I think.

About the Book
I couldn't decide what the title should be. I knew there had to be something about the lessons of life because that is, after all, what this book is about: the lessons others have taught me and all those lessons being added up and becoming my ongoing testimony. Even more so than that though, there definitely had to be a lot of thanksgiving in it. Thanksgiving is, after all, my favorite holiday. It really is, but, in the title, I'm not talking about the holiday with a big turkey and lots of good food. Just wanted to clarify that. I'm talking about giving thanks, not just on the fourth Thursday in November with all the great food and family, but all the time. Again, I'm not a great speaker. I'm not good at pouring my guts out to someone by talking to them and telling them how so very much they've influenced my life. But the truth is, there's a lot of people who have had a huge impact in my life and they deserve to hear that, so I sincerely pray that they'll be able to read this someday and know how so very much they are appreciated by me and I'm sure by many others too.
A lot of the lessons I've learned have been taught to me by some of the most unexpected people, but maybe that's why I learned them. This book was originally going to be called Life Lessons: From the Unexpected but I couldn't come up with enough stories to make a book that fit that title. The following part of this chapter (the part in quotes) was written before I changed the title but it really does pertain to the title now also.
"These lessons being learned from some of the most unexpected people is what made these life lessons more than just life's lessons to me. Life throws us curves, we deal with them, and in the end we call it "life's lessons." This book is not about life's lesson but rather about life lessons. Life lessons are what we learn from other's "life's lessons." In a way, others are the teachers of the class, or the lesson. They teach us life lessons from their life's lessons. So, life's lessons are what we ourselves learn from life, and life lessons are what we are taught about life by others. Got it?
But, then again, some life lessons stick and some don't; some we need to learn for ourselves and we can only learn them through our own life's lessons, but others can be told to us and we somehow get it. Fore there is a difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge. We can know it in our head and if we had an exam on it we could finish quickly and ace that test; but if we know it in our heart, when the time comes in our life to act, we can quickly do so. It may take longer to retrieve pure heart knowledge for the use of a test, but purely head knowledge definitely takes longer to use in real life situations."

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