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Essays by KT

Trip to NY (in ASL glossing)

Affirming Diversity
Which Way Home
Mis experiencias con español
La figura de la madre
La redención
Manifestations of the Divine Brahma
The Six Models of the Church
Affirmative Action
A Friend Is
A persuadir
Aprovecha el día
Armas de fuego
Asperger's Disorder
ASDs: Autism
Black Friday
Book Intro
Big Boys Dont Cry?
Cancion del pirata
Cell Phones
Cathedral Within
Change the World
Child Care
Civil Society
Christian Family
Organ Donation
Deanne Bray
Drug Testing
Faith in Narnia
Fast Food?
Guns and Games
Grenz Review
The Odyssey
I Am
Jesus the Christ
Keep the Laws!
La ciencia
La inmigración
Louis Braille
Marriage Reflection
Mi lugar de refugio
My Life (Erikson)
My Special Place
Reflection -Marriage
Romance sonámbulo
Public-service values
Semana Santa
Spe Salvi
Teen Suicide
Un Santo legendario
Better World
The Four Loves
"Jesus Freak" Picture
Mona Lupe
Mother of Jesus
Holy Eucharist
Religión en Niebla
The U.S. Economy
Todo es regalo
Trip to NY ...
True Friends
Una lección
Unlikeliest Friends
Santo legendario
Vs. and Verses
What's the Diff?
Walsh Review
Means to be Human
Million dollars

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Me go to NY for-for be missionary during summer 2005 with Trinity church youth group. Together we earn fund for-for pay for (1) food (2) hotel room (3) bus. Each individual earn fund for-for pay for meeting. We attend meeting every Sunday evening for-for prepare. During first meeting we pick one piece paper from pile. Name on paper secret prayer partner. We depart Saturday morning. We ride in bus three hour from Stanton to Michigan/Ohio border where bus driver switch. Next we ride eleven hour through (1) OH (2) PA (3) NJ (4) NY. We depart from bus close to Hilton hotel. My roommate (1) Mary Ann (2) Jessica (3) Megan. Mary Ann our group leader. We have room at 10:30 PM. Youth group go to Broadway Street at 11:00PM. We need to be in room at midnight. Sunday we have meeting same every morning. During meeting (1) speaker teach us (2) we sing with musician (3) discuss (4) pray. Next we go to park for-for evangelize. Monday we go to Central Park for-for (1) eat lunch (2) evangelize. Tuesday we go to Ground Zero for-for set up prayer station. Some of us go across street to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Wednesday morning I evangelize to one lady. Wednesday afternoon youth group board onto Staten Island Ferry. Wednesday evening we ride elevator to top of Empire State Building. Next we (1) look out over city (2) pray. At 1:00 AM we arrive in our room. We wake up at 6:00 AM for-for go to CBS station for-for be on Early Show. Friday we (1) re-pack luggage (2) board into bus. During ride back to church we reveal who secret prayer partner. Saturday early morning we arrive back to Stanton. Trip privilege.

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