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June 12th, 2006
Personal Naration Essay
Freshman English I  (ENGL100)

     I was ready.  We had been planning this for weeks.  My friend, Kristy, had turned seventeen on the first of October.  It was now the twenty-first and, although late, we were having a surprise birthday party for her.

     This would truly surprise her: a birthday party, twenty days after the fact.  My friend, Megan, and I had it all planned: where we would have it, who we would invite, what we would bring, and who would bring it.

     It was going to be awesome.  Not only was Kristy going to be excited, but so was I.  I had never planned a surprise party before.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Would she be surprised, or did someone let the secret “slip”?  How would she react?  Would this be the best party ever, or would it be a complete “flop”?

     Not only was this a first for me, it was also my seventeenth birthday.  This would be my best birthday ever.  I could spend time with a group of my friends, get very few presents, and not have to worry about being the center of attention.

     Megan was going to pick me up at my house at 3:50.  We would then go to the church to begin setting up.  Kristy was to arrive there at 5:00.  It was now 4:15 and Megan was late as usual.  She arrived a couple minutes later and apologized for being late.  She had stopped by the store and then by the church to tell those who were waiting that we were still coming, but we would be a little later than expected.

     We pulled up into the church parking lot and parked in our designated, “senior citizens only,” parking spot.  We were, after all, seniors.  While Megan grabbed the food, exited the car, and walked inside, I picked up my game and Kristy’s card, and then followed Megan.

     We walked through the church, to the back, toward the room where we were to have the party.  I stepped into the room and saw Kristy.

     “Surprise!” everyone shouted at once.

     I kept walking.  I set the game and card down on the counter and turned around.  Could this really be for me?  We had it all planned.  What about Kristy?  I glanced around the room, searching for proof that this really was all for me.  Looking to the right, I spotted a frog-shaped cake surrounded by presents.  To the left were streamers forming the words, “Happy Birthday, Katie”.  I guess it is for me!  In front of the cake was another sign which read, “Happy 17th Birthday, Katie!  We love you!“ and was signed by everyone there.

     In short, I had spent three weeks helping to plan my own surprise birthday party.  That day I was reminded that I have completely awesome friends whom will never seize to amaze me.  I learned that even when you think you have life all planned out, it will still throw you curves.

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