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Deanne Bray

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September 29, 2006

COMM 125

Deanne Bray is more commonly known as Sue Thomas in the series "Sue Thomas F.B.I.EYE" which is based on the true story of the deaf lady, Sue Thomas. Deanne Bray is a lot like the real Sue Thomas and was matched perfectly for the part in the series.

Bray was born mostly deaf. She is now completely deaf in her right ear but has some residual hearing in her left ear in which she uses a hearing aid. Bray, of Deaf culture, was taught to speak and reads lips. She now communicates with American Sign Language and, also, spoken English. She reads lips well, like Sue Thomas.

Deanne teaches deaf and hard of hearing children. She has also been acting for more than ten years. Dave Alan Johnson, the creator of "Sue Thomas F.B.I.EYE," says, "Never before has there been a television show about the real life experiences and career of a deaf person – who is also portrayed by a deaf actor." Deanne’s portrayal of Sue has built a bridge between two cultures – Deaf and hearing.

Deanne has uncovered the world of Deaf culture to the rest of the world, making it possible for hearing people to see what it is like to be deaf. Not only that, she provides an outlet for those of Deaf culture, who are rarely represented on television. This is a series that is entertaining for all audiences – the deaf and the hearing, the young and the old. This provides a larger means in which people of hearing culture will be able to gain a greater understanding and respect for the deaf. It also allows the all-too-often-unheard voice of the deaf to be heard. Deanne Bray has done a tremendous job at linking these two worlds together. She has done a lot for Deaf culture.

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